In this week’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Scott Curtis – President, Private Client Group, Raymond James Financial. Together, the two long-time peers break down a number of current industry trends that are shaping the future of financial services, and what advisors should be doing themselves if they are looking to get ahead of the curve.
Today’s show highlights include:
*What quickly growing advisors are doing differently that separates them from their peers.
*Why advisors who utilize their firm’s resources the most, consistently provide a higher level of service to their clients.
*What Scott Curtis’s promotion to Chief Operating Officer of Raymond James Financial means for advisors who are at Raymond James, or who are looking to transition to Raymond James.
*The impact that high business valuations is having on the financial services industry, and what future implications advisors should be expecting to see.
*The common mistake that Frank and Scott are seeing advisors making everywhere when they are looking to sell their practice.
Today’s action-packed conversation between Frank and Scott underscores the need for advisors to stay informed, proactive, and adaptable in order to thrive amidst industry shifts and changing expectations. Ultimately, this episode serves as a valuable resource for advisors seeking to elevate their performance and navigate the complexities of financial services with confidence and competence. Armed with actionable takeaways, listeners are better equipped to thrive and grow their practices amidst the challenges and opportunities of being a financial advisor.