Social media is here to stay, and it’s time for advisors to start taking advantage of the marketing opportunity it presents. In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by our CMO, Tina Beck, for the second installment of their branding and marketing series. Listen closely as Frank and Tina offer the listener key insights as to why they need to focus on social media and building out their online presence.

Topics discussed during the episode include:

*How to use “who you are” to build your online presence.

*Why many advisors have been reluctant to personalize their online presence and the potential consequences of that decision.
*How advisors can bridge the gap between the personal side and professional side on their online platforms.

*A breakdown of the different social media platforms and how to differentiate your message depending on which platform you use.

*What results to expect from building a consistent online presence.

Social media is a new frontier for the financial services industry, and it may seem like a perplexing one. Frank and Tina dive deep and analyze why social media is crucial for every advisor and how it can be one of the most compelling tools available to achieve scalable practice growth.

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