When buying, selling, or transitioning a financial advisory practice it is vital to have a focused, specialized plan in place in order to produce great outcomes.

In this week’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa welcomes to the show Brian Selfridge, the Senior Vice President of Elite Advisor Successions (EAS), and Joe Greco, the Managing Director for Elite Advisor Successions. Together, the trifecta unveils the inner workings of EAS, shedding light on industry trends, buyer-seller dynamics, and the essential preparations for navigating the advisor marketplace.

Today’s show highlights include: 

*A breakdown of the industry trends that led to the formation of Elite Advisor Successions.

*The process that Elite Advisor Successions engages in with buyers to be able to see what they truly want, as well as what is best for them.

*The qualifications consistent among “serial buyers”, and the preparation required to establish yourself as a legitimate buyer.

*Common pitfalls that buyers cause a deal to fall through for a buyer and seller.

*When engaging with sellers, why the emotional aspect of the transaction is crucial to address, and the potential impact overlooking this can have.

Whether you’re currently in the market as a buyer or seller, this episode offers a comprehensive breakdown of crucial considerations. Join Frank, Brian, and Joe as they dive into the winding pathways of advisor successions and equip you with the knowledge needed to thrive.