In today’s volatile financial services marketplace, many advisors talk about creating an RIA as if it is the one-size-fits-all solution for taking their practice to the next level. 


In this week’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa welcomes to the show Vince Leto, the Director of RIA Services for Elite Consulting Partners. Together, Frank and Vince break an RIA down to its fundamentals, providing listeners with the tools needed to know whether a transition to the RIA space is right for them.


Today’s show highlights include:


*An overview of common misconceptions of RIAs that advisors have when they want to create one.
*What the nationwide trend of more advisors wanting independence means for the RIA space as a whole.


*The difference between a state registered RIA and an SEC registered RIA.


*What an advisor really means when they say “I want to go RIA”.


*The differences between an RIA and a Hybrid RIA.


Join Frank and Vince as they demystify the journey to becoming an RIA while exploring the growing demand for advisor independence. Through this episode, you’ll gain valuable insights into what it truly means for an advisor to embrace the RIA model and understand the nuances between different RIA structures.