For financial advisors, finding the perfect firm partner fit for your personal, professional, and practice goals begins with self-discovery. And there is no one in the industry who is better at guiding advisors through this process than Elite Consulting Partners’ very own, Stacey Frank, who Elite’s CEO Frank LaRosa welcomes back to the studio for this week’s episode of Advisor Talk.

Together, they discuss the importance of understanding what independence truly means to you as an advisor. 

Topics include: 

*The importance of having a clear understanding of what independence means to you so that you can find a firm partner that meets your unique needs.

*An explanation of the varying levels of independence available to advisors, and the differences between the models depending on how much autonomy advisors are seeking.

*How each independent channel has unique differences that can impact your practice and why it’s crucial to understand these differences to make an informed decision when considering a transition opportunity.

Through listening to this episode, financial advisors will gain insights into the spectrum of independence, from complete autonomy to supported independence within a larger organization. Together, Frank and Stacey have helped hundreds of advisors successfully transition to various independent channels. Use this episode as your go-to resource for understanding the nuances of financial advisor independence.