If you want to have success in financial services, there is one often overlooked strategy that is essential and that is a commitment to Core Values.

In today’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa welcomes to the studio Elite’s Vice President and Managing Director, Stacey Frank. Together, they discuss the reasons why Elite Consulting Partners has made dedication to Core Values central to the firm’s culture, and why you should be implementing Core Values of your own into your practice.

Show highlights include:

*How Elite uses our Core Values as a thermostat to measure and ensure that the decisions we are making are aligning with our ultimate goals.

*What we mean when we say that we speak with advisors every day who don’t have a clear definition of who they want to be.

*Why our Elite team is adamant about the connection between success at work and success at home.

*A breakdown of why Core Values are necessary for every scale of practice or firm, whether you’re a 2-person team or a corporate team with hundreds of employees. 

Throughout the course of the episode, it is easy to see why Frank and Stacey as leaders place an emphasis on Core Values. For Elite Consulting Partners, our Core Values are not just words on a page. They are the foundation of our company culture and the driving force behind everything we do. As you are listening to this episode, think about what your own personal and professional goals, and start formulating a list of the Core Values you will commit to in order to achieve them.