Are you an advisor struggling to juggle client needs and marketing demands?  

In today’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa invites Tina Beck, CMO of Elite Consulting Partners and President of Elite Marketing Concepts, to have a candid conversation about new marketing trends in the financial services industry. Tina is an ideal guest to speak on this topic. Her Elite Marketing Concepts clients range from one-person firms to large broker-dealers and everything in between. No matter the advisor or firm’s size or business goals, Tina and her Elite Marketing Concepts team use a strategic, digital marketing approach to build each client’s brand and produce measurable ROI. 

Topics discussed in this episode include: 

New marketing and technology trends within the financial services industry. 

The social media strategies you need to implement to see increased ROI on marketing efforts. 

The importance of creating structure and consistency in terms of brand messaging and marketing cadence. 

How to use traditional marketing psychology and techniques in combination with new technology to attract your ideal clients. 

The value that a strong marketing strategy can bring to your business for when you decide to sell your book of business. 

Join Frank and Tina as they dive into the world of financial services marketing and discuss strategies that have consistently delivered transformative results.

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