Even in a predominantly male industry such as financial services, there is something that all of the largest firms have in common – they have women in positions of power that have a massive impact on their firm’s success. 

In today’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa welcomes to the studio Elite’s Vice President and Managing Director, Stacey Frank as together they discuss the important role that women play in the financial services industry. This is fully evidenced by Stacey’s role at Elite, where she uses her unique insights to continually evolve and level-up Elite’s leadership as the nation’s largest financial services transition and consulting firm.

Some of the topics discussed include: 

* A summary of Stacey Frank’s unique background in psychology and education, and how it enables her to build deeper connections with her clients. 

* The benefits that come along with empowering women in the financial services industry. 

* An explanation of the differences between firms who have women in positions of power just to “check a box”, and firms who are genuinely investing time and resources into ensuring their female practitioners are in the perfect position for success. 

* The true value of having a strong culture in your firm that everyone can buy into.  

* The immense power that comes from actively listening to your clients, and what this really means with regards to consulting with financial advisors. 

The expertise shared by Frank and Stacey throughout this episode is detailed. If you are a financial advisor who is now realizing that the culture of your current firm is not up to your standards, then it’s time for you to start exploring what transition opportunities are available to you. Reach out today by sending an email to Frank@eliteconsultingpartners.com, or call at (856) 316-4651. 

You can also reach Stacey Frank via email at Stacey@eliteconsultingpartners.com, or by phone at (856) 316-7736.