When you find yourself in an industry where there is an ever-changing landscape, if you want to stay at the top you need to evolve with the times. 

In today’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by the Co-Founder and CEO of Concurrent Advisors, Nate Lenz, for an in-depth discussion on what key decisions Concurrent Advisors has been making to remain at the helm of the industry. 

Topics discussed include:

*A breakdown of the Concurrent Advisors value proposition, the firm’s evolution, and goals for the future. 

*Why Concurrent Advisors believes that an intentional, specialized approach to the suite of services they offer is strategically advantageous.

*The Concurrent relationship with Merchant and how the alignment of core philosophies between the organizations has impacted advisor entrepreneurial success.

*How working with Fidelity and Schwab has amplified Concurrent’s ability to support advisors who have strong entrepreneurial motivations.

This episode is packed with information that every financial advisor will benefit from. Listen closely as Frank and Nate share tactical growth strategies advisors can use now to assure future success.