Success as a financial advisor isn’t just a factor of the AUM you manage. Leadership is an essential skill in growing a thriving practice. In today’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa welcomes Ray Kelly, Senior Vice President of Think2Perform, for a discussion that encompasses everything you need to know to be a strong leader as a financial professional. 

Topics discussed include:

* Tactical strategies that you can implement right now to become a stronger leader.

* Why leadership qualities are more important for financial advisors than ever before.

* How Ray Kelly’s career path within financial services led to him being a leadership coach and consultant.

* How the Financial Advisor Success Syndicate, an online community of which Frank and Ray are both founding members, inspires and fosters advisor leadership.

* An explanation of what the 70-20-10 Rule of Adult Learning is and how we can all apply it to our personal and professional lives. 

The conversation between Frank and Ray is packed with information that every advisor can benefit from hearing. Listen with the intention of applying these lessons to your own practice, and you will walk away from this episode with the tools that you need to be a successful leader.

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