Listeners of Advisor Talk, we have a major announcement for you!

If taking your practice to the next level, connecting with other success driven financial professionals, and continually learning are important to you – then we have just the resource for you.

The Financial Advisor Success Syndicate (FASS) is an online community, led by top thought leaders in the financial services industry, with the specific intent to provide an online forum where they will share the transformative insights that advisors can implement now to build the practice and life of their dreams.

In today’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO and FASS Founding Member, Frank LaRosa, welcomes Barron’s Hall of Fame Advisor, CEO of Kuttin Consulting Group, and Founder of FASS, Jon Kuttin, to discuss everything there is to know about this dynamic online community and how it will transform the financial services industry.

Topics discussed include:

* The conceptualization of FASS and a description of the platform.

* How FASS intends to fill a much-needed gap in the financial services industry.

* Details on the Founding Members of the FASS community and their specific areas of thought leadership.

* Why FASS can be considered a ‘family office’ for financial advisors.

* How advisors who join FASS benefit and future plans for the community.

Frank and Jon could talk for hours about why they are so excited for the Financial Advisor Success Syndicate! For advisors eager to grow their practice this episode of Advisor Talk is a must listen.

If you are a financial advisor and are interested in joining the Financial Advisor Success Syndicate, visit for more information.