This week, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and Jon Randall, PhD(c) Founder, PhD Candidate in Performance Psychology, eXtraordinary Financial Advisors (XFA), are back for the summation of their three-part series “Preventers of Growth”.

The first two episodes of this series discussed the strategic challenges advisors face when attempting to scale their business, and how client segmentation can serve as a tactical solution. In today’s episode of Advisor Talk, Frank and Jon zero in on the processes an advisor can implement now to achieve sustainable long-term growth and success in their practices.

Topics discussed include:

*Why larger clients impact the scalable growth of your practice and steps to take to implement this strategy.

*How to utilize a transition to a new firm and your existing book of business to attract new assets.

*The growing importance of social media and branding and its correlation to advisor success.

*A breakdown of do’s and don’ts in relation to leveraging your existing clients to attract new clients.

*How advisors can employ the skills they already possess to utilize mergers and acquisitions as a tactical growth strategy.

Frank and Jon are two of the greatest advocates for financial advisor success and their conversation throughout this episode, and this series, clearly reflects that. Be prepared to have everything you need at your fingertips to elevate your practice to the next level.