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In the still of the night

In The Still of The Night – The Stealth Launch of Wells’ First RIA

It was a snowy Sunday, January 13th, morning in the Northeast, around 1AM when a LinkedIn post indicated the Schultz team, a Wells Fargo Private Client Group team based in Berwyn PA, was the “first to be ‘permitted’ to transition to the Wells RIA Pilot Program. This struck an odd cord with industry insiders. Why was a news-worthy move of this magnitude communicated during the wee hours of a Sunday via an advisor’s LinkedIn profile update and post and not handled by the Wells Fargo public relations team? Sunday came and went. Monday morning came and went. It wasn’t until Monday afternoon when the story became officially public with the publication of an AdvisorHub article.

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The Acquisition Dance – Genstar Considers Interest Stake in Advisor Group

Genstar Capital made news last week as reports surfaced the company is in active talks to secure a majority interest in Advisor Group from Lightyear. As of a late, Genstar has become a major player on the financial services acquisition playing field, only four months ago acquiring Cetera Financial Group for $1.72 billion dollars.

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